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Most people do not understand the mind's of others - whether they be astrology students or otherwise.  Most of us study astrology to better know ourselves (and other's). This starts with understanding our psychology and why we are patterned the way we are.

In this course I go through every phychological influence to the mind / Moon / emotional process. 
~ Planets Before The Moon - Shows how we are mentally conditioned and what we are looking for EXTERNALLY that matches our internal life and mind 

~ Planets joined the Moon - Shows how we experience our feelingsin real time. Planets that join the Moon join our mind to that feeling - for good or ill.

~ Planets After the Moon - Shows how we Integrate experiences into the heart. Usually these planets show assistance as we try to feel whole.

~ Planets in Angles from the Moon - Shows emotional support and structures in out life - as well as the people in our life.
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You can finally know the truth behind Astro-psychology.

In this Advanced Course You will learn:

1. The concept of “astrological flow” and how it shows the soul’s evolution in the actions we take.
2. The hidden secrets and power behind the South Indian astrology chart.
3. The truth behind Chakras as shown astrologically, and in the masculine/feminine expression of each planet.
4. The energetic trade-offs that come with “emotional support”.
5. How to see a person’s deepest emotional biases.
6. One specific condition of the moon that could make you borderline crazy or a full-fledged saint.
7. Why it’s absolutely crucial that you understand the “pot of water on the stove” principle.
8. The most important sources of strengths for the moon.
9. One case study where a deeply debilitated Moon is revealed to show enormous strength and success and specifically why.
10. One case study of a Saturn/Moon influence that tortured the student for years until they finally made the positive change indicated.
11. One case study that reveals very important principles about Jupiter and Venus.
12. Many instances of me making one accurate statement after the next using these techniques and the power of vedic astrology.
13. “Graha Drishti” (special Vedic planetary aspects) discussed. 

AstroPsychology Course Description
Each Planet / Placement Described
I describe every planet and its possible relationship to the Moon. Before, with and after the Moon placements - as well as in each angle from the moon - are described.
Straight From The Texts
I am teaching this techniques straight from BPHS - the Bible of Vedic Astrology. Called "Anapha", "Sunapha", "Durudhara" and  "Kemadruma" Yogas, These are critical to Self-knowledge and mental well-being in this Age. (The Dwapara Yuga). 
This Course was taught live to those who had never studied Vedic astrology before - and by the end they were doing the technique masterfully. You can too.
This method works for both Western and Vedic Astrologers and students, because it is based on simple, yet universal principles.

Lifetime Access & 30 Day Guarantee:

You can refer to this material for the rest of your life. Like all of my Courses, you get a 30 Day Guarantee.
I learned so many great things that will be not only instrumental to my practice but to my soulful world view,… through the lecture and workshop I discovered amazing insights that really helped me to better understand myself and others through our astrology charts.
-Stephanie Gailing
Thank you Sam for such an awesome workshop in Seattle! You really rocked my astrological world!
-Donna Baxter Rodgers
golden sunlight and silverymoonlight all over the place… 4.5 billion years and then flowers sacred vibration and consciousness. how LOVELY and WONDERFUL is that???
-Simone Nolan said:
I wanted to tell you that was a great talk last night, and as usual, you were very generous with the information. I have been following your video lectures and purchased a class bundle from you and have learned a lot. Last night, several things jelled for me.
-Trish Lee Foss said:
Wow – what a great lecture. Sam was just delightful – and I learned so much. Sam speaks in English – not ‘astrology’ so he is very easy to follow. Thanks Sam. Really enjoyed the day – and learned a lot. Thank you for coming all the way up here. It was just a delightful day.
-Nancy Tripp said:
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Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) is the author of "The Ascendant-108 Planets of Vedic Astrology". He is the founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science - which offers level 1-3 Certification programs in Vedic Astrology. Currently the Academy has more than 120 students enrolled. Sam is certified level 1 and 2 through ACVA and CVA

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